This is a GPU implementation of the FDK algorithm for 3D circular cone beam data sets.

It takes projection data as input, and returns the reconstruction.

Supported geometries: only cone. (cone_vec is not supported.)

Configuration options

name type description
cfg.ProjectionDataId required The astra_mex_data3d ID of the projection data
cfg.ReconstructionDataId required The astra_mex_data3d ID of the reconstruction data.
cfg.option.ShortScan optional If enabled, do Parker weighting to support non-360-degree data. This needs an angle range of at least 180 degrees plus twice the cone angle. (default: false)
cfg.option.GPUindex optional The index (zero-based) of the GPU to use. (default: 0)
cfg.option.VoxelSuperSampling optional For the backward projection, VoxelSuperSampling^3 rays will be used. This should only be used if your voxels in the reconstruction volume are larger than the detector pixels. (default: 1)